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1940 Autocycle - Standard & De Luxe


26" with extra heavy cone and cup ball bearings running oversize 26" x 2" x 1 3/4" studded Dunlop tyres. Chrome plated rims & spokes


Special wide arc section, heavy gauge combined with a rear chain guard. Side shield and cover for starting chain on the De Luxe model only (side panels).  


Welded steel petrol tank with a capacity of 1 3/4 gallons mounted between frame tubes. Filler fitted with special anti splash oil measure - four measures of oil to 1 gallon of petrol. Reserve petrol tap


Villiers Junior De Luxe 98cc 2 stroke 2 port horizontal engine in compact unit assembly with clutch and incorporating a cast silencer. Lubrication by petroil mixture of 1/2 pint of oil to 1 gallon of petrol. (16:1). Flywheel magneto ignition. 150 MPG. Decompressor stop using thumb lever on left hand handlebar.


Large internal expanding type on both wheels with independent adjustment and operation. 4" rear and 3 1/2" front. Inverted lever operation on handlebars.


Head lamp and combined reflector type rear lamp supplied from flywheel ignition. Separate switch for use of battery when parking.


Single speed with 2 plate clutch.


Villiers Midget type with Bowden lever on RH handlebar. Choke operated by stiff wire on left hand side front of petrol tank.

Exhaust system

Special cast aluminium silencer with detachable absorber unit.

Standard Fittings

Soft top saddle, rear stand retained by spring clip on rear mudguard, rust proof maroon super sheen enamel lined in gold, chrome plated rims & spokes. Tyre inflator, rear rack, tax disc holder on front mudguard and tool kit with saddle mounted tool bag. Larger Brooks tool bag on the De Luxe model. Bulb horn. 


Engine side covers on De Luxe model.(made from brass on the flywheel side and steel on the other). Spring forks (£1).

© Colin Chapple


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©  Colin Chapple