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Background reading

This is a list of publications you may want to add to your library. Some may be out of print now but copies can be picked up through well know auction sites:


The Roland Pike Story: Motorcycle racing in the golden Age by Roland H Pike & William R Hoddinott

Don't Trudge it -Rudge it by Bryan Reynolds published by Haynes ISBN 0854291881

Performance Tuning in Theory & Practice, A. Graham Bell, ISBN 0 85429 275 6

Tuning for Speed, ISBN 978 1 58850 131 8

Rudge Whitworth - The Complete Story by Bryan Reynolds Crowood press ISBN 9781847976871

The Family of Rudge  by  Reinhard Schwartz, testimonials of a legendary motorcycle. A VMCC publication ISBN 9780956031204

The Story of Rudge Motorcycles by Peter Hartley ISBN 0850595118