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Site Rules

These are the rules you agree to when using the Rudge- Forum and site:

1.The ‘Forum’ shall be to facilitate open conversation concerning:

(a) The furtherance of social and sporting activities in the interests of motorcycling in general and the Rudge marque in particular.

(b) The perpetuation of the Rudge marque by encouraging and supporting the continued use of such machines by the provision of technical supporting information.

(c) The preservation of information specific to the Rudge Whitworth marque, and its products.

(d) All posts must be free from copyright and items for sale must be priced or price guided e.g. offers over £ for example.

2. Membership:

(a) Membership of the Forum is free but shall be at the discretion of the administrator.

(b) Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Rudge Whitworth and its products.

3. Conduct:

(a) Members of the Forum are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner.

(b) Members who are deemed to have conducted themselves in a way that is detrimental to any individuals and the continued well being of the Forum may be excluded by the administrator.

(c) Political, Nationalist or Religious commentary are prohibited and are not appropriate to the scope of a motorcycle forum.

(d) Although the administrator of the Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable material off this forum, it is impossible to review everything.

(e) The administrator reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

(f) By agreeing to these rules, you promise that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise in violation of any laws.

4. Site information.

(a) All the information on this site is free to download. However, the information is 'live' and users are stronly encouraged to download information only when needed. Users found downloading excessive numbers of unrelated files may be banned from the site to prevent out of date files being used to the detriment of the site.

5. Disclaimer:

The views expressed in these forums are not necessarily those of the administrator. The information including advice and suggested modifications, contained in threads, downloads and posts have not been approved, tested or otherwise checked by the administrator. Before acting on information, advice or suggested modifications contained on these forums, you should always obtain technical advice, and if appropriate, have a professional motorcycle engineer carry out the work for you. The administrator cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or claims occurring as a result of any modifications or work or other action carried out on the advice or based on the suggestions given in these forums and (save for death or personal injury arising from this forum's negligence) all such liability is hereby excluded.

6. Copyright:

Any information on this site is free to download and use but material produced specifically by Sam E Radial or Colin Chapple is copyrighted but can be freely used elsewhere provided it contains an acknowledgement to the appropriate author or link to this site. No copyright is enforced or warranted on the Forum and the content of all posts can be freely used by all.

7. Legal Jurisdiction:

This disclaimer notice shall be interpreted and governed by UK Law and any disputes in relation to it are subject to the juristiction of the courts in England & Wales.

Last updated October 2023