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Sam E Radial is on hand to answer those nagging technical questions like "I have a genuine Rudge Revulator on my 1936 Special - how do I know if it has the correct dial face?

The Rudge Revulator, fitted as standard to 1936 500cc machines and as an option to the 1936 250cc Sports is essentially a static revolution counter. In the words of RW “The Rudge ‘Revulator’ or revolution calculator is a simple instrument which provides most of the advantages of a revolution counter without the added complication and expense”


There were 6 dials available all printed on steel and the Special dial was coded 5S with s Smiths code of RC59. This code will identify it or, more easily, the Special dial has the top gear scale ending a 5500RPM at just over 85MPH as shown below.

(Taken from Rudge Remedies No 49 - The Rudge Revulator - available free inside!)

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